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In that second picture of Hawkins House (courtesy of btw) you can just see the An Post building sticking out the left hand side. As has been said already it’s equally offensive and should be removed as part of any redevelopment of the Hawkins House site.
I have to say I find the renovation of the old Irish Press building in the foreground pretty nasty as well when viewed from the other side of the river.
This stretch of the South Quays is a bit of a disaster, basically because of whats behind the quay frontage. The most offensive building in that picture is actually the apartment scheme in the lower right hand corner – take a look at it from Eden Quay and see how it looms over the actual quay buildings in a way that doesn’t really happen anywhere else along the river. It’s also unbelievably crap – obviously “designed” with no regard for the fact that the rear elevation would be plainly obvious from many vantage points – therefore random window sizes, cheap clip on balconies and plastic waste pipes abound…

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