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It part of the heritage of the city’s heritage at this stage!
But unlike other more quirky or streamlined ‘monsters’ from the 60s, Hawkins is just horrendous in every respect, esp the steel windows, which are an interesting giveaway as to the age of the building – vestiges of 1950s construction.

Whatever about the architecture, it cannot be nice to work in the place – apparently many of the windows won’t budge at this stage, true to form – do people ever maintain steel windows…?
Often laughed at the Dept of Health being sited in the most unhealthy looking building in the state – and when you see it on the News in grim dusky light it’s just embarrassing (and very scary looking)
The Minister’s office is funny too – a bog standard room (with manky steel windows), but tarted up with happy happy brightly coloured sofas and other suburban nick nacks to keep the depression at bay 🙂

By far the worst view of the building is looking south down the tunnel of Marlborough St. With the rest of the city skyline out of sight it just dominates – it turns the city into Kruschev’s Moscow 🙁
Must take that pic before it disappears…

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