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You forgot Palladio, Bren88- one of the most significant ‘historical architects’ (as you put it :)) to use phi.

The golden section/ratio/proportion is a central feature of classical architecture in its many guises through the centuries, from the Ancients to the present day, even the Modern Movement architects who embraced the proportions of classicism if not its decorative features. Georgian doors and windows – including the individual panes of the windows – are usually GS-based, for example.

In fact, many door opes are golden rectangles, whether intentional or not. It’s accepted by many as the ‘standard’ rectangle. When people talk of tall / squat / slender / wide rectangles, they are often (unconsciously) using the golden rectangle as their reference rectangle.

I do use phi in graphic design work, but not exclusively. If I were an architect, I dare say I’d use it there too.;)

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