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Also the heuston gate tower. When is that due to get underway? That area is about to undergo massive regeneration. Eircom are to be the first tennants in the new 9 storey westgate development opposite heuston. Hopefully these two developements will compliment each other however I have concerns about the architecture of the heuston gate tower. It dosnt look like particularly exciting architecture. I certainly hope its not Hawkins house round 2 stuff:eek: Cheers[/QUOTE]

I think that one will be done in 2011. Does anyone else think this is a very long time? I know the context is very different, but (and im sure this is a very sophomoric arch. factoid) The Empire State was built in a year.
Why does it take us 5?

I think you’re right about the design – it’s like some vaguely exciting London borough re-dev project in the late eighties.

Not bad. Not great.

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