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Contrasting images

You have to register to see the images here, but…

I don’t mean to come down too hard on this poor guy doing his architectural renderings – don’t blame the artist, he did not design the building. But when you mentioned ‘touch the earth’ lightly, I couldn’t resist posting this, most buildings touch the earth with a pretty solid fist.

Whereas, the flawed, but interesting ‘holiday’ development illustrated here – again, mustn’t blame the illustrator – points a lot to Frank Lloyd Wright’s fascination with building on hill sides. There is something of the ‘prospect’ from this particular site.

There is a far better relationship with the earth in the second illustrations, to the first I think you may agree. The ‘steak house’ log cabin architecture in the first, is typical of much commercial development that goes up I think, for much of the 20th century. It was only natural there would be a reaction at some stage. You can only stretch the cliche of pitched roofs and symmetry so far, before a new approach is due.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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