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Am unable to understand how planning permission was granted for this house in such an exposed area of Co Sligo from applicants who were acquiring a site speculatively and contravening National policies set out since Sustainable Development a Strategy for Ireland 1997.

No amout of good design can resolve the inherent sustainability of continuing curent leves of urban generated housing sprawl across the Irish countryside.

The status of, or relevance of, a previous outline permission on the site was not stated. The Elwoods were seriously ill advised to spend over 200,000 on a piece of rural land without subjecting the sale closing to a grant of permission. This created the threat of planning appeal as a potentail disaster. The fact is that Sligo Co Co contravened National policy in granting the application, and an appeal would have resulted in refusal from An Bord Plenala.

The house appealed literally plonked on its site without any land based connection or location rationale. There was no reference to the level of car trips and emissions which the house would generate, since part of the proposal realted to some sort of business activity on the site, for which the clientele would largely come from Sligo urban area. The fuel sourse for heating was not identified and no information presented on wastewater disposal.

The whole tone of the programme was oblivious to any concern for the creation of community and was anti urban. At the same time it did not in any way present a model or example of house a rural area which would realte to a rural community. It presented the proposal as the achievement of a lifestyle asperation, without addressing impacts and emissiosn or the conswquence of the cumulativ eimpact of building “one off” rural houses in the average number of 17,000 per annum over recent years

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