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I’ve put in a offer to buy a small detached bungalow on a residential estate. I would be the second owner. The house was built in 2000. We have been given the Cert of Compliance. The planning permission was granted with one of the conditions being that the rere garden walls were to be block,capped, plastered and 2m high. The front side walls were to be 1.5m high. The house has only 2 walls – 1 front and 1 front side.The engineer has stated that the house is in substantial conformity with the permission granted.
Who is responsible for the walls not being built – the builder or the engineer or the council?
In the grant of planning permission I note that no finalisation date was included for the project. Does this mean that the walls might never have to be built?

you buy what you see… caveat emptor.

a permission has 5 years i which to be completed… obviously engineers / architect do not wait 5 years to certify compliance, therefore most certs state ‘in so far as site works are complete’.

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