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Unlikely that I will now be pursuing the purchase – but I find it puzzling that the owner and his neighbours should have bought their properties without the specified walls. Do the planners at the Irish councils turn a blind eye or is it not their responsibility to ensure that planning conditions are complied with? This would definitely not happen in England.

you have it in one!!

the english system of ensuring compliance with planning times is a million times better than the non-existant one we have here.

here the remit to ensure compliance is with the building control section, this is a severly under staff section of most councils.. and actually accept a measly 10-15% of new build visits as being a success!!!

therefore compliance is somewhat loosely and badly based on a ‘self certification’ basis… the client hires someone to ‘sign off’ the work, and as ive described above, these certs can be extremely vague as to almost negate the certs in reality….

The certifier wants to take responsibility for as little as possible…. the client just wants the piece of paper to give to the solicitor, the solicitor does not understand the ins and outs of construction… the purchaser is the one who is left with the mess….

edit: i am actually delighted that youve decided will not be proceeding with the purchase. Its about time the developers understood that the power is now with teh purchaser and the quality of what he/she is selling needs to be top notch…

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