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Cryptosporidium outbreak in Galway
Tuesday, 1st April, 2008
Residents in parts of Co Galway have been hit by a new outbreak of the cryptosporidium parasite.
Tests on the Roundstone Public Water Scheme showed trace elements of the parasite, as did water schemes for Inishnee and Errisbeg.
Between 300 and 350 houses are believed to be affected.
No illnesses have been reported yet, but Galway County Council has instructed residents in these areas to boil tap water before using it for drinking, brushing teeth or food preparation.
A spokesman for the council said the supplies did not comply with drinking water standards, and that the council was looking at possible options, temporary and long term, to improve the quality of supplies.
The outbreak comes shortly after Galway City Council said water supplies had been restored to the west of the city and part of the county.

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