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It is indeed shocking that a city in the wealthiest EU country (so they keep telling us) has had a water problem lasting longer than 7 days that wasn’t due to climatic conditions.

This is not a problem that is unique to Galway nor is it the fault of the local authorities imvolved. Carlow has been down this road many times and interestingly the Carlow supply is down river so to speak in the drainage pattern from Kildare which has a very high number of one off houses serviced by septic tanks. I have spoken to planners in county coucils who off the record have repeated outline coversations with applicants for one off houses explaining the risks of localised water polution quite graphically. The applicants either don’t believe them or don’t care as the ‘sites’ were to be sold and as such the applications were never for a ‘residence’ in reality for the applicants using the residency rules allowing proper planning rules to be ignored.

Unfortunately it is not only septic tanks that are the problem; Lough Derg has been virtually un-swimmable for years which horticultural experts attribute to the lawn feed from the numerous hacienda style one off houses that ruin the aesthetic of lake. Then you have the hundreds of illegal dumps which that sector is making €100m’s from due to no effective policing of.

Water quality is not an objective that has been properly considered or managed. Galway is just unlucky that it has affected them and not somewhere else.

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