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@graham dwyer wrote:

Thank you all for you comments and opinions, I have been following this thread with intrest! Although not all the facts presented by Devin are correct! Please email me to discuss!!!!!!

What facts are you referring to? As far as I am concerned I have not posted any incorrect facts. You have already engaged in public debate here about your scheme, so if you consider that facts presented relating to it are incorrect, then this is the place to raise them.

I don’t think anybody is discouraging the redevelopment of this site (including anybody in An T), but, as with redevelopment of any key city centre site, there’s only one chance to get it right.

I posted the above information mainly because of the tiresome knee-jerk reaction against An T appealing a development by certain people on the forum who, in this case, hadn’t inspected the planning application for themselves, but were making a judgement on the scheme on the basis of images posted here with the top of the scheme chopped off.

I’ve already said I’d like to see a good contemporary building here and I wish you luck with the development.

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