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@alonso wrote:

ctesiphon, I guess they’re reckoning there’ll be demand for cars from the ongoing redevelopment down river

@jdivision wrote:

There’ll need to extra lanes of traffic because of the scale of the Point Village development I think

@PVC King wrote:

It will be needed there is no question


@PVC King wrote:

I can also see this intersection being a major traffic blackspot


This area is on the doorstep of the city and will have a dedicated Luas line running right through it. I fail to see why it needs to be served by another road for private motorised traffic. It’s not as if the area will be cut off from private car access]getting in the way[/i], which will ultimately be to the detriment of cycling in the Docklands area and further afield. Thanks DDDA. You still have the opportunity to make a difference with this one, but your time is running out. Should I hold my breath?

Still, at least the bridge design provides for skateboarding and BMXing- those low guard rails look ideal for rail slides. Now where did I leave my block of wax…

For the record, I don’t hate the bridge, but I don’t see it as the solution to the problem it should be addressing. First and foremost it should perform its function; only then should aesthetics come into it. A beautiful bridge that doesn’t do its job has failed. (I don’t think it’s beautiful, but I’ll allow that some people might think it is, though I think it’s a bit of a stretch to claim that it will ‘act as a foil’ to the conference centre- was this published on April 1st?)

Lastly, am I right in thinking that this doesn’t need to go through the planning process because it’s in the Docklands? So we won’t have an opportunity to make our feelings known in an official forum? Handy that. Should I just email them the link to here?

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