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we have a couple of very talented young Irish architects in the office, one of whom, Stephen Doherty from Donegal was the project architect Graham. I agree about the 7th image, it does look a bit bleak.

It was an attempt to show the project warts and all I guess, my fault. Can’t stand those glamourised art shots, architects often use , without any people or sense that it is a real place. It’s in a pretty rough area of Edinburgh, yes Edinburgh……….hard to believe I know

Anyway. Yes the windows are powder coated aluminium and we used timber to compliment the brickwork and soften it up . I was also thinking that the housing in Co. Louth could be in Glenrothes or East Kilbride………..apart from the gates of course. Scots are a bit more anal, just a bit too showy. Aye, ye’ll have hud yer tea?

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