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An elegant scheme alan – nice choice of brick in particular, with the injections of cedar adding further warmth and interest, while also tying in nicely with the otherwise blah tan brick of existing stock. The ‘opening up’ to the south principal seems to works well from what I can gather of the site orientation, with depressing blank elevations also minimised. The 7th image comes across a bit bleak, but you can’t satisfy every element I’m sure.
What are the windows: typical power-coated aluminium? Why that choice over cedar-clad out of interest?

As always, the decent treatment of the public domain makes it, with the service areas nicely finished off in matching brick walls etc.

It’s funny how the original mansion block design there, as seen across the UK, was transplanted almost lock, stock and barrel over to Ireland. In spite of the current tattiness and probably poor build quality, they still hold a certain charm in looking solid and well-proportioned, and no doubt appealing in a dolls house stereotype kind of way to an innate understanding of what a house, whether housing 10 or 100 people, should be.

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