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This is an interesting post for me to compare with what’s happening here, as we’ve just finished our first social housing project:

Glasgow has handed over the building and running of social housing to the Glasgow Housing Association. Thereby removing the burden of new build and the upkeep of housing stock from the council itself. For Glasgow it has meant they can now focus on other regenretion projects, like the river, where as before they were throwing their money into a black hole keeping poor property maintained

This project is in Edinburgh and at £1.9million was funded by a £1.25m housing association grant provided by Edinburgh City Council with the balance funded by Manor Estates Housing Association. The total cost per square metre was £1530, compared to an average for the area (Lothians, Borders, Forth Valley & Fife ) of £1305 and a national average of £1129 for all housing association new-builds in 2004/05. The Telford March cost include land costs which are more expensive in Edinburgh than the rest of the region. Rents are £255 to £276 per month, depending on the size of the unit.

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