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A bungalow semi.

A terrace(ish)

Many of the houses merge in a typical miasma of rear gardens and boundary walls and fencing.

It’s frustrating to see so much space to the front of homes wasted on gardens solely in existance to provide a driveway for two cars – I refer to all housing estates on this. The whole attraction of suburban living essentially comes down to the provision of a back garden; nobody wants the front anymore. As such, why not provide multiple parking spaces at the end of each road, neatly landscaped, while simultaneously saving space for increased density and generating a more cohesive streetscape-based community?

Black PVC is still used for facias, but thankfully timber windows throughout.

The interiors seem to be of a slightly lower standard than a private development, but not by much.

Even the public elements are very well finished.

This estate however is not without controversy, located slap bang in an area full of €400,000-€500,000 houses. The howls of anguish from certain residents were as embarrassing as they were typical.

But it does bring home a point that does make people sore: all around are new private estates going up with young couples taking out hefty mortgages trying to get onto the ‘ladder’, or paying exorbitant rents in investor properties, whilst those lucky enough to be on the housing list (and good luck to them) are in equally new houses even closer to all amenities, paying little more than a peppercorn rent to the local authority that would make your jaw drop. Even relative to the ‘affordable’ housing included in this scheme, the social element comes across as the better ‘deal’.

Now that there’s an almost indistinguishable difference between the built quality of social and private housing, and such a large section of the population is now facing the same hard reality of trying to find somewhere to live, it’s only inevitable that people will begin to ask questions as to the equitability of the provision of housing-by-lottery by local authorities.

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