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What are bookend gables?

There are a couple of more complementary photos of Alan’s Telford Drive houses here:

One of the odd things about council housing in the past in Dublin was that everyone could always tell it apart from private housing – and from a long distance. This enhanced the ghetto effect. Hey look everyone: ‘Poor people!’ At first I thought this was the intention: to degrade the residents by branding them, but of course the intention was never malign on the council’s part. Council schemes were driven by different forces to commercial developments. The council could build any scheme no matter how fanciful or awful and people would have to live in it whereas the developer had to appeal to the taste of his clients and minimise the risk of ever doing anything new.

The council schemes were tainted by association with poverty but in retrospect, at least some of them were quite attractive and progressive and, being paid for by the state, I doubt any of them came cheap.

The older Oliver Bond scheme and some of the city centre blocks have a Dutch feel to them. Then there were the weird Spanish style houses with blocky door and window frame surrounds (some beside the Frescati centre). But there were many, many more that were just dire. Those chicken coop blocks with an external cylinder fire escape and the Darndale circuit board style housing come to mind.

Anyhow, is the state’s involvement in residential architecture at an end?

Is there a book that covers council housing in Dublin?

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