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Fair play Brian, you’ve managed to snare me yet again into reading your very interesting (albeit time consuming) commentaries. (I wonder would the productivity of Irish architects rise exponentially in the event of Archiseek crashing.)

As an architect who tries to treat each project as a patient (and certainly some of the clients could do with a bit of institutional help) one cannot avoid the fact that the value of architecture is not evident to the vast majorty of people involved in building. To use another analogy, most architects want to create a Saville row pair of trousers when the client wants a pair of combats. The former is sleek, stylish and makes the wearer feel good, the latter is cheap and has more pockets. Even if you eliminate the cost difference of the end product, they still want the combats because it avoids drawing attention to them. Now how do you solve that problem – more telly programmes? more magazines? public lectures to the unenlightened?

On a completely unrelated point – but of relevance to your long posts – I keep thinking of a quote that said “blogging is like AA for people who are addicted to their own opinions.”

No offence intended – I actually think your posts are more discursive than didactic.

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