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This is a good move I feel,

There are as the article says certain sites that are reaching saturation point and steps such as this that attempt to divert visitors from those sites at or close to capacity to to sites capable of hosting more visitors must be welcomed. It is important to acknowledge that visitor numbers are not the only consideration or gauge of a properties worth as some buildings/habitats are extremely important in a particular field but fail to catch the public’s imagination. While some sites are moderately important from a heritage point of view but yet are placed at risk due to the number of visitors who wish to visit them and or the management practices required to accomodate these large numbers of visitors on an annual basis. A good example of this is a large desert nature reserve in Australia run by their National Trust that is vital to the ecology of an area ten times it’s size that has attracted two visitors a year for the past decade, but it the wildlife protected here is essential to a number of other sites that are some of Australia’s main heritage sites.

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