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gav95, I havn’t any hard information on Frawleys, Ive been keeping an eye out for site notices myself. I don’t think anything has happened yet.

That stretch of Thomas Street merits close watching. As far as I know, the left hand half of Frawley’s is a 5 bay, three storey, early 18th centure mansion, possibly built by a quaker called Fade, as of Fade Street. Behind the rendered facade should be a high quality red brick elevation with very thin cills, tripple key stone heads and rare end pillaster features.

The right hand half looks 1930s. The rest of the streetscape towards St. Catherins Church includes a few formerly gabled houses, one of which (the Chinese shop) must have been double gabled.

A lot of these houses are in rag order and look like they’re being preped for demolition. There are some good pictures on the Thomas St / James’s St. thread.

I miss Frawleys, you could always get hoover bags and emergency funeral attire.

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