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@Junior wrote:

. . . . I decided to go one further and use the information from the Civil Survey together with all the cartographic information available in the Limerick Museum to draught a new map which is far more accurate (not just a pretty picture).

Outstanding, re-plotting historical maps is a head-wrecker, but incredibly valuable.

What does your map tell us about the Mary Street ‘Billys’, opposite Gaol Lane? How is it that there appears to be a laneway opening in the centre of the group where there should be a party wall? or was the centre pair a single property with twin gables? (or was the whole thing a single property with four gables?). Does the last of the Billys line up with Fanning’s Castle, or not?

@Junior wrote:

The map and accompanying booklet on the extant medieval fabric of Limerick is due to be published in September.

Will there be complementary copies for Archiseekers?

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