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The Civil Survey 1654-56 was gathered subsequent to Cromwell’s campaign in Ireland, to put it briefly all the lands and properties that were confiscated (from mainly Catholic owners) were surveyed, in the case of Limerick City the type of building -stone house/castle/cagework is given, its dimensions with any yard or waste plot are described, the rent payable and in most cases the new protestant tenant is also detailed.The Civil Survey of Limerick City and County,edited by Simmington is available in the reference section of the city library.
Using 1840-1900 Ordnance Survey maps of Limerick, the original late medieval property boundaries were plotted on a modern map utilising known landmarks such as extant buildings/laneways etc. this was done mainly by Claire Lane in the late 80’s.
The 300 anniversary 1691 map was draughted by a local historian Richard Ahern, whilst working as an archaeological researcher for the Limerick Civic Trust I decided to go one further and use the information from the Civil Survey together with all the cartographic information available in the Limerick Museum to draught a new map which is far more accurate(not just a pretty picture).
The map and accompanying booklet on the extant medieval fabric of Limerick is due to be published in September.In reference to the dutch billy thread, I fear that the only ones to be found in Limerick are the two gables at the rear of St John’s Square however the boundary plots and walls of many other billy’s remain.

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