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The Civil Survey 1654-56 was gathered subsequent to Cromwell’s campaign in Ireland, to put it briefly all the lands and properties that were confiscated (from mainly Catholic owners) were surveyed, in the case of Limerick City the type of building -stone house/castle/cagework is given, its dimensions with any yard or waste plot are described, the rent payable and in most cases the new protestant tenant is also detailed.The Civil Survey of Limerick City and County,edited by Simmington is available in the reference section of the city library.

I had a look in the book of the Civil Survey 1654-56. Interesting reading and hope I got the original spelling right below.

The book also reveals that the Arthurs Family (Irish Papist) held a lot of property at that time. Amazingly enough they seemed to survive through the following “Penal Times” period to emerge as one of the city’s wealthiest merchants.

The said Captaine George Ingoldsby (English Interest)

Next northwards of the said Brickhouse is a Tryangle plot of Ground, ioyning with Iseland Gate, whereon theire is a ruined tatchd house, of the Precinct of the said Abbey, in each side 126 foote

Vallue in 1640 (Li s d) 005: 00: 00

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