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Well, to my mind, for a Room To Improve type programme to be both true and relevant, the client ought choose their own architect.
This is always best since the design process is a real partnership between the designer and the client — it’s not a sort of job where a client can say I want XYZ and then leave it all to the nearest professional. There’s an engagement process between client and house designer that is far more intimate than simply listing facts and figures — and the programme ought reflect this clearly.
Though RTE must be subsidising the architect’s fees for each programme’s job, the fees side of things ought be presented and accounted for (broken down, even) on the programme also because lay people need to acquire a sense for costing and valuing building design.

I don’t know if it would necessarily mean employing Flash, but architects’ sites need to illustrate the different design possibilities of example jobs in a way that people can view and study them online — that is, if architects really want to arouse interest in their own contribution to design or re-design.
And with the many idle Web Media Design graduates out there, the cost argument is no longer a real excuse.

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