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Oh, I don’t expect a requirement to have a quick chat at the planning stage will mean that people “get it”. Nor do I think that its aim should be to “educate” either – I used the word ‘chat’ specifically because that’s what I think it should be. It wouldn’t be used to promote a specific type or style of architecture. It would purely be a conversation to encourage people to think about what they want to build and once they’ve thought about it – once they’ve given the idea any element of consideration – then job done. I know someone (okay, it was my sister) who when their neighbour was building a house told me how they had actually sat down during the design and thought about how big a space they wanted for the hot press – the Hot Press! no less – the smallest room in the house! She seemed to regard this consideration as an act of total lunacy, as if anyone should give any time to thinking about an item that will take them 40 years to pay for and that they will spend most of their remaining lives inside. Never ever underestimate the lack of concern that most Irish people hold for good design.

I don’t think that it’s in the least bit patronising for those with more knowledge/interest in a topic to try and foster it in others. It shouldn’t be the case that you are telling people that their ideas are wrong; you’re just giving them more ideas. But as you said, even still it’s probably worth making the effort. Open House is amazing, but I do worry that there is an element of preaching to the converted. Those that attend already have an interest in architecture – we need to appeal to those that know little. I could start a rant here and talk about not just architecture, but design consciousness in the country as a whole across the whole spectrum of the creative arts, and how – patronising or not – it could do with being raised. But maybe that’s a talk for a different day. They broadcast the Stirling awards in the UK on television – is it too far-fetched to think that we might try to do the same for the AAI awards each year?

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