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Yes, it would be wonderful if planning and architecture were fully integrated in local planning offices.
Planners would be more open minded; architects more respectful of local landscapes and existing forms.
Maybe even farm buildings could be looked at from more than the purely functional or ‘standard design’ forms given erectors of cubicle sheds, slatted units and so on.

But realistically, with council budgets squeezed so much now it is hard to see a full-time architect being taken on.
I do not see retraining existing planners to the desired standard as possible, never mind feasible.

A possible way forward for architecture practices to get more projection of their skills to the public would be via their own websites.
Using today’s web engineering there is so much one can do to illustrate in 3-D the various options for design, redesign and interior decorating that it’s hard to see why so many Irish architects have only a basic ‘design philosophy + selected portfolio’ type of website.
And of course, there are some with none at all.
If nothing else, their present downtime allows architects to read enough on HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and PHP to get them able to make a good website without paying thousands to some scuttlebag ‘web designer’.

It might also help the image of Irish architects before the public if someone kidnapped Bannon before he records any more programmes . . .

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