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Frank Taylor

@PDLL wrote:

Implicitly, however, the central thrust evident in many threads is that infrastructural development in this country should be focussed primarily on the major urban centres (Dublin and the few token towns and cities on the western seaboard). It has been argued both implicitly and explicitly that infrastructural projects of any substance (rail line, motorway or dual carriageway at the every least) that would help stimulate real economic and population development along the western seaboard are largely a waste of time unless, of course, they connect these outlying satellite cities with Dublin. Hence a rail line along the western seaboard connecting nearly 2 million people has been seen as a folly that would distract valuable investment away from Dublin. Indirectly, therefore, the vision of Ireland propagated in various ways throughout Archiseek is one which has Dublin at its centre and then 5 or 6 reasonably sized cities dispersed around the state (none of which would be connected to each other by serious transport infrastructure except by way of travelling through Dublin).

Would you oppose a multi hubbed infrastructure network, where Cork Limerick and Galway became significant centres of gravity?

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