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No I think you are simply trying to defend a point, your claim is basically that people have always lived in the country and that becuase of this people should be allowed to build whatever they want today.

Your analysis of tourism is equally flawed; the John Hinde generation of tourists were the Diaspora generation who wished to see how their ancesters lived; in this context pre famine architecture was an important embodyment of this as over 1m emigrated in a five year period with a further million going before 1870 to North America. How most would have traced their roots was via landing records which simply would have listed a name and a townland; to these tourists any traditional house fitted the bill.

Going forward the Diaspora generation will evaporate and the only way the countryside will attract International tourists to this highly expensive Country is through landscape protection. Which given your attitude which is fairly representative of government will not happen and tourism will die out beyond sites such as the World Heritage sites and major towns and cities.

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