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Of course I am for real. It makes sense and if you would admit to it, we might make progress. Peasant cottages – that is what they were – were not built with any asethetic features in mind. There was no money to include such features. Architectural aesthetic are a luxury which the average potatoe picking peasant couldn’t afford. To this end, the cottage does not represent Irish domestic aesthetic ideals in the 19th century.

However, given the surplus income that we have nowadays, we can afford to include certain aesthetic features in our buildings. We can afford to ‘decorate’ our domestic structures in a manner that does not just fulfil minimalist functional requirements. That decoration may take many forms – porches, gazebos, conservatories, PVC windows, stone eagles etc.These are artefacts of personal choice representing an aesthetci ideal held by the home owner/builder. It is a free choice and as it is replicated time and again across the country, it can understood to represent an embodiment of contemporary domestic architectural aesthetics.

In this regard, the one-offs emobodiment the vernacular style of the 21st century – even if that style is just a mish-mash of other cultural traditions. In this regard, we need to preserve these buildings insofar as they uniquely capture the aesthetic spirit of the first great phase of Irish economic independence (exact same principle as in the Renaissance).

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