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Thomond Park wrote:
Because clusters of them were the centre of Irish life as settlements grew into villages]

I like how you manipulate history with your reference to ‘clusters’. This of course neatly ignores the many cottages that were utterly standalone. As one is as likely to find a mock-Georgian mansion in the suburbs of any Irish town, including Dublin, I take it that on this logic you would agree with me that these houses will become tourist attractions. I am only following your logic as to why the traditional cottage has become a tourist icon. You can use such terms as vernacular in the present day context too – the one-offs are the vernacular – they embody the aesthetic desires of the people and are, actually closer to the true representation of what the Irish domestic aesthetic ideal is as they are often built by people with enough money to make aesthetic choices, unlike the cottage which was a minimalist structure built with only the bare essentials and thereby not reflecting the aesthetic ideals of the people. Here we have another reason to celebrate the one-off. Like in Reanaissance Italy where excess income allowed free aesthetic expression, the McMansion – the embodiment of Celtic Tiger Ireland – is the free embodiment of contemporary aesthetic desires. More the reason we should cherish them and celebrate them.

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