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To say that an ‘eastern bias [was] integral to the colonial administration of the State’ is merely stating an historical fact, TP. I am not sure what you mean by saying that I was somehow pulling out a ‘colonial card’. What you thought I might have said and what I actually did say are two different things.

Indeed, you are right about settlement patterns in the 1840s being different from what they are today – then houses were built with impugnity, without any regulation whatsoever, in far greater numbers than they are today, usually in lovely coastal settings and with absolutely no sewage treatment. Mind you, it is those lovely little picturesque cottages which have the tourists going mad with their cameras. It is a good job that we are now building enough one-offs to stimulate the tourist industry in 200 years time, otherwise our economy might flop in 2200 without a vibrant tourist sector.:)

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