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Sean Carney

This is very good news for Dublin and it surronding area.
This legislation has no bearing or is of no benefit to the West of Ireland as “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS INFRASTRUCTURE HERE”.
The West of Ireland still has, and uses, 1800’s roads and rail.
In the 1800’s it did have an Infrastructure, many double rail lines to all parts of the region. Now it has two single track rail lines going to the same place.
The roads here where built in the 1800’s, so suitable for them times, but are a hinderance in the 21st century.
The only roads built in this region since the 1800’s total approx 30 miles, plus these are not high quality or safe roads and badly planned.
Total spent, approx €60m, since the 19th century!
By far the majority of all National Routes cannot take modern vehicles as they where designed for non mechanical vehicles.
On these roads two Lorrys have to come to a stop just to pass by each other, and with great difficulty.
As a poor, improvrised nation the West of Ireland got more than it does now been part of a wealthy nation!
It was an objective one area and recieved billions in aid but has not recieved a penny of this money.
Look at other objective one areas in Europe and see what has been achieved with less aid than the West of Ireland got, notably Valenica City and Region in Spain as one example.
In Western Europe today there is nowhere to compare to the West of Ireland, it has been totally neglected and left behind, and this is getting worse, not better the richer we become.
Simply it is the only region in Western Europe with 3rd world infrastructure.
And to show the contempt this government and every Irish government has to this region since the foundation of the state, one of many examples is the Castlebar to Westport road.
This is the most congested section of road in Co. Mayo. it is a very dangerous road which has had many fatalities and which again was built in the 19th century.
20yrs ago they planned a new road, since then no money has been given.
Under the jokingly named NATIONAL???? DEVELOPMENT PLAN the road was to be completed in 2004.
It recieved nothing and the local Authority has to wait, (from the NRA), until “at least” 2015 MAYBE!
By then the two laned road planned will not be able to cope with the increase in traffic!
Simply the West of Ireland should be governed by the European Union for approx the next 20 years until it has 21st century infrastructure and services.
There should also be a National Enquiry to investigate where these Billions of Euros have gone, and this investigation should also involve the European Parliment and its courts.
It is simply a national scandal that a people and its governments should allow part of its own country to end up in a mess like it now is.
Foreign Aid budget from the Irish Government totals 1.5bn Euros a year, total spent in the West of Ireland well, a fraction of that, therefore people in Africa recieve more from the so called Irish Government than a region of its own country!!!!!!!!
Only intelligent people who are willing to discuss this matter in an informative and intelligent way reply please.

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