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You see this is the problem with ‘debates’ like these, and you’re as much to blame as anyone PDLL. Even if as in your view rural stereotypes are generated here (which I don’t accept), instead of being mature about it and contesting the alleged stereotyping etc, you just chuck it straight back in the form of urban stereotypes – and so the cycle continues.

It’s ridiculous and gets no one anywhere – not unlike certain infrastructural projects come to think of it…

Yes there is a Dublin bias here, but only numerically in relation to members – not a favouritism over other areas of the country. Indeed one would have to wonder about the 288 active members of the Forums section – out of all of those people, surely a sizeable chunk of who come from all areas of the country, not one apparently sees the need to speak out and defend their countryside and the planning policies being pursued by the current administration.
If anything one could quite easily get the impression that it’s mostly Dublin people on Archiseek who seem to care about the countryside…..

I fully sympathise with the lack of investment in infrastructure in the West, particularly rail, but I wouldn’t necessarily come to the conclusion that it is due to an Eastern bias. It must be considered that nowhere received much infrastructural investment up until quite recently – it is logical and to be expected that the critical routes along the east coast linking the capital with Belfast both by road and rail would be the first to be developed, as would primary routes encircling the country’s greatest centre of population.
But agreed that ‘bias’ if one could even describe it as such, ought to have worn off years ago – it hasn’t, as the capital is still choking. So whilst regional centres are crying out for critical initial funding, so too is the capital for ‘second phase ‘ funding in spite of the resources already received. It is this state of affairs that is generating understandable tensions.

In spite of what you say PDLL, as you probably well know, pretty much everyone here is reasonable. Pretty much everyone wants to see balanced regional development. Pretty much everyone wants to see the regions expanding and sustaining themselves through increased funding allocated to viable projects (as in Dublin). And pretty much everyone wants the pressure taken off the capital

It is simply the pettiness of language that is pulling things apart.

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