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*sigh* Here WE go again.

No.1: ‘We’ refers to the citizens of Dublin, not the members of Archiseek. It is not a ‘royal “we”‘ in that it is a simple statememt of fact that any newly arrived citizen has to be accommodated (I don’t mean in the sense of housed, I mean in the sense of creating space) by the existing citizens.

No.2: ‘We’ here is used as a constituent of what I see as your belief, viz. ‘your belief that we’re constantly attacking the little man’. So again, not a royal one.

No.3: See No.2.

No.4: A figure of speech. Admittedly, this one is closest to the possibility of ‘the royal “we”‘, but ‘closest’ and ‘bang on the money’ are, well, not the same thing.

@PDLL wrote:

Now I’m no expert

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. Finally, something we can agree on.

I find it interesting that you have not passed any comment, either positive or negative, on the five points with which I concluded my last post, lending further credence to my belief that you come here to pick fights rather than to debate. But I fear I’m treading on TP’s patch here. He’s the troll hater.

Lastly, having had close second-hand experience of real schizophrenia and thus being aware of what it actually entails, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t use a medical condition as a convenient short-hand slur.

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