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Allow me to quote your statements from above, ctesiphon.

@ctesiphon wrote:

PDLL-I can’t recall anyone here ever advocating that the entire population should move to Dublin. We wouldn’t have to accommodate just you either, we’d have to find somewhere for the chip on your shoulder too

@ctesiphon wrote:

Did it ever occur to you that the opinions expressed here might be carefully considered and that they might reflect the national state of play? This might not tally with your belief that we’re constantly attacking the little man

@ctesiphon wrote:

I suspect, really, that the reason why you think we’re all such thick-skulled patronising Dubs is because we disagree with you.

@ctesiphon wrote:

Next thing we know you’ll be keeping your stroller off the bike paths of the capital. (Chance would be a fine thing.)

Now I’m no expert, but that looks very much like the royal ‘we’ to me. There are two alternatives: either you, my dear man, like to talk on behalf of others, despite thefact that you point out the ‘diversity of opinion that exists’, or you are schizophrenic and are unaware that you move repeatedly between ‘I’ and ‘we’.

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