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@Frank Taylor wrote:

I think it was a mistake to build six motorways out of Dublin and a better approach would have been to make a grid like pattern with Dublin only connected directly to Limerick, Waterford and Belfast.

It is true that you can build infrastructure before the population arrives but you gotta have a plan for how this is going to happen.

Again, I agree 100%. This is why there is an urgent need to reconsider what is happening in this country in terms of regional planning. You do not require 4 years of undergraduate planning courses to realise that the current way things are going is not sustainable or desireable. What I mean by that is that continually building infrastruture in a knee-jerk manner around a very limited part of the country is in nobody’s benefit. Dublin is becoming a patchwork quilt of temporray and unsustainable infrastructural solutions while the rest of the country suffers an infrastructural deficit. In case it is automatically assumed that I am anti-Dublin or anti-Dublin development, I have – in other posts- always argued for a metro for Dublin, for example. What I resent strongly is the priveleging of Dublin at the cost of fair, equitable and balanced developement across the state. Of coruse, when I say this – which is to many a fair-minded approach – I will be accused of ‘playing the old balanced development’ card (as I have been in other threads).

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