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I think you are both right in particular circumstances; take two cases

1. Landowner applies for consent and includes in drawings entire curtliage but say mixes up his measurements along the lines of adjusting acres to hectares twice and understates almost to his disadvantage.

2. Landowner applies for consent; wilfully submits a defective os extract which omits a portion of land relating to an SEA to avoid submission to AT & DoE or another field which contains a dwelling the planning grant for which was conditional on sterilising the rest of the holding for a stated and unexpired period or assumed perp. Here the application would be assessed differently on the basis of a deliberate ommision; if not legally fraudulent it is certainly highly unethical.

If you were selling you’d advise the buyer to rely on their own enquiries; if buying you’d need to tease out the benefit and motivation if any behind the error and get professional advice as to the probability of the hoilding facing enforcement proceedings. In this climate I can’t see any solicitor not covering themselves if this is a financed purchase.

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