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@shadow wrote:

All that validation does is to check if the material elements as required by the act are present. It does not verify the content or the facts. Especially dangerous if fraud is involved, the local authority are not a commissioner of oaths.

you use very emotive and extreme language.

to suggest fraud means that one party is endeavouring to profit at the expense of another. Pray tell who is the subject of “fraud”if the applicant is apparently showing less landholding than exists???? who looses out?

the point has already been made that the LA will not investigate matters such as land ownership in no means further than clarification letters or copies of land registry matters.

Should an applicant be claiming land that is NOT within their ownership, then legal issues arise at such a time as the applicant attempts to subjugate the land.

Planning permission CAN be granted on lands not under the ownership of the applicant. It happens quite often. However, in the case in point, even this is not an issue. Its extremely difficult to see how a case for invalidation can be made as, in my opinion, any issue raised so far would not invalidate either the application or any subsequent decision.

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