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@zelemon wrote:

The issues are substantial, the applicant has said he owns 5ac when in fact he owns about 20ac. He has also left key contextual info off plans!

If he actually owns land in the vicinity of the site the only onus on the applicant is to show the site of the application outlined in read with the balance of the land outlined in blue and with wayleaves in yellow.
If he has not done that bring it to the attention of the planning officer in the form of a €20 objection and then you can lodge an appeal if you still feel aggrieved about it.
Speaking as a person with 20 years experience of planning decisions I have to support Henno’s comments and those of other experienced posters here.

I will now direct you to comments made by a Judge of the Supreme Court hearing an Appeal taken by lay litigants from the High Court –
“Obsession has replaced reason and invective has replaced argument”

This seems to be where you stand at the moment.
Start listening, do your own research on the matter by all means, but stop arguing from first principles – the law, including planning law, isn’t like that.
You have received good free advice here – take it.

And remember, many of the respondents to this thread have conducted Appeals themselves and felt the very same sense of grievance – we are not the enemy here.
We have learnt from our experiences and have passed this learning on to you – reject it at your peril.
And yes, we ARE that good – we do this for a living, or used to.


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