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Alas it is. Not so much the use, as the arrogant signage they have just erected. Are these guys having a laugh?!

It looks ten times worse during the day, crassly mounted on the facade of Francis Johnston’s exquisitely refined Armoury Building. From what I can make out, this intervention to one of the most important historic buildings in the city doesn’t even have planning permission.

The integrity of this immaculate, historically intact enclave is being eroded by the day, with the eye-poppingly inappropriate taxi rank recently granted permission for expansion by DCC. Words fail. Just some of the chaotic results can be seen above.

As a taster of what we’re up against here, this was recently posted on a taxi driver’s blog: “Foster Place is just beside Trinity College. This rank is one of the oldest in the city of Dublin yet for some reason the powers that be are planning on closing it.

If only.

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