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It depends what ‘original’ means – it does seem that cobbles/setts have to have been in place for a considerable period of time to get that smooth look where they look like they are almost knitted together. There are actually a few patches on Foster Place (one outside Starbucks) which have been lifted and re-laid, and have that lumpy bumpy Temple Bar-sett look 🙁 .
Those nicely laid areas around the drains were probably done a few decades ago at least.

in my experience of the protection measures for Dublin’s historic street and paving materials, there wouldn’t be any conservation consultation process for utilities companies or anyone else requiring to dig up the street, even though Foster Place’s setts are listed for protection in the Development Plan. The street has probably just survived in a good state because there are few services running under it (because it’s just a short cul de sac).

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