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Thanks for the help folks. I am still waiting for my engineer to get back to me and just doing a little research on my own!! The key issue here is that Limerick County Council will not allow any domestic waste system to be used for a domestc dwelling (no matter how advanced!) if the site does not first pass the percolation test. They have a panel of testers who will carry out the test. You must use one of their approved testers. if your site fails the test, then you will not be allowed to proceed. It is a very rigid system considering how advanced some of the modern domestic waste treatments systems are. What I want to know is how do I go about preparing (if this is possible) the site so that it crosses the first hurdle namely passing the percolation test?.. Thanks for the help

you cannot ‘prepare’ a site for testing… this has the insinuation that you want to cheat the system. i dont think anyone here will advise how to do this.

The only real thing you can do is to do tests yourself (or pay a specialist) in different areas of the site to see where the best percolation is.

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