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@Lotts wrote:

And in a rerun of the BurgerKing etc. fiasco in Dublin Supermacs were finally forced to take down their sign, commenting on the state of the square. They of course had no planning permission for it.

It has been replaced by a similar illegal sign supporting the county team…

The Supermacs building was originally constructed in the 30ies (I think) and was occupied by Woolworths when I was a child in the 70ies, but it had a totally different glass frontage than it has today. Interestingly at the rear this building adjoins the rear of Savoy (which fronts on to Eglington Street) which is one of the few Deco style buildings in Galway and sadly no longer in use as a cinema.

Looking at the houses on Eyre Square its such a shame that all seem to have had original sash windows and fanlights removed. Even the Great southern has pvc outward opening windows. Would be nice to see a scheme to retore these details.

Otherwise must say refurbishment is a great improvement.

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