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@nono wrote:

chinese granite is ‘cheaper’ despite the exorbitant cost of brining it a few thousand kilometres from china as opposed to a few hundred from wicklow (or somewhere similar) as it is extremely heavily subsidised by the powers that be in china, ie probably exported at a net loss, but china gains valuable foreign currency. 😀

The subsidy you talk of is a rural population of in excess of 600m people who work for about $1.50 a day, Chinese granite is cheaper because it is possible to finish the product by hand at a cost that wouldn’t get the average quarry worker out of bed in the morning. The Chinese Currency is contrary to what you might think being kept artificially low at the moment i.e. they have too much foreign currency at present.

The problem I have with Chinese granite is the colour it is simply too pale for what we are used to in Ireland.

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