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Funny though – pity Burger King couldn’t have written the same about the O’Connell Street Project! 😀

Fully agreed Stephen about this ubiquitous street furniture – I noted the exact same stuff going down in other town developments that’ve been posted here – especially those McDonald’s of the lighting world, the median posts on O’Connell St in Dublin – they’re everywhere, and have been for the past 7-8 years.

Is Ireland now about to be swamped by a raft of matt-finish silver posts and furniture – the heritage look of the 2000s?
Not only is it dull, unimaginative and predicatable to have this stuff everywhere, it is especially damaging in flagship areas like Eyre Square, or Grand Parade if it’s going in there, or O’Connell St in Dublin – it strips these important places of their uniqueness & identity.
At least Patrick St in Cork has been magnificently saved from it (perhaps too much with those posts ;)), but I’d hate to see Eyre Square engulfed with more content from the Acme Regeneration Kit.

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