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@joebre wrote:

Do you think the 40m2 applies to extensions only or does the same limit apply to the conversion of a garage/store. My area is 53m2.

it also applies to conversion of garages.

@joebre wrote:

I also have the 23m2 of additional space on the lower ground floor that was not shown on the original plans. In my opinion, this additional area is clearly un-authorised and would require retention.
These works may also have changed my house into a three storey house even though I have my front door and some other doors at mid-level. I will have to put that query in a separate post ?

If any of the area is un-authorised, I will be demanding that the builder rectify the matter.
I would also suggest that this was a way of reducing development charges as there is now 75m2 of development that should not have been included in the calculations.

What henno is getting at is that because the unauthorised “extra bits” were built at the time of the original development, the original development was never carried out “in accordance with the plans and particulars submitted” – i.e. not carried out in accordance with the Planning Conditions, and so the entire development is unauthorised. The person who signed off on a cert./opinion on compliance appears to be wrong in his opinion and opens himself up to being sued for this.

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