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Update on the above.
Reported the matter to Planning & Building Control.
Both came to examine the situation on the ground. The builder has recently replied to say “the permitted garage was built and subsequently converted and completed to habitable accommodation and is therefore exempt”
I saw the houses being built and none of them was ever built as a garage, complete with garage door before being converted.

Several questions arise.
The entire line of houses was all built with habitable on the lower ground floor. The brochure showed habitable and the price list for habitable only. There was no cheaper option for a garage.
The converted area is 50m2 and is therefore over the permitted converted area of 40m2.
An additional area of over 20m2 was also built on the lower ground floor at the time of construction.This area was not included on the original plans, is visible from the front and cannot be connsidered exempt. The builder made no reference to this additional area in his reply to the Council.
Finally, the total area of the lower ground floor, converted garage/store plus the additional area not shown of planning drawings, is over 75m2.
There is no way that he can claim that this is exempt.
I am anxious to get opinions as I want to make my observations to the Council before they reply to my original complaint.

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