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Thanks for your comments.

The case I had in mind refers to an application for a change of use of a commercial building. The argument was that a mezzanine could be built without permission as it would not effect the external appearance of the building. The issues were:

1. if the mezzanine could be built as exempted development at the same time as the implementation of a change of use?

2. if it couldn’t, at what point would a change of use be completed, thus allowing exempted development to occur?

But I have since come across an ABP decision, which makes it very clear that the construction of a mezzanine is neither ‘improvement’ nor ‘alteration’ in any circumstance. It boils down to intensification constituing a material change of use.

I would still be interested in any ideas about the second question though. At what point is a development complete? Particularly if it is a change of use and there is no immediate need to get it certified for sale.

“At the start of last year there was a consensus on Archiseek and elsewhere based on decisions received.”

By the way, would you mind pointing me in the direction of the thread or the decisions you mention ONQ?

Thanks for your help.

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