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all the more reason for Ireland to start developing a Nuclear Power generation programme now. You are correct PVC King, starting now 10 years is what it takes to get the atoms heating water, but waiting any longer is potential future economic sucide.

The days of Ireland’s energy policy being determined by some 60’s throwback Hollywood (China Syndrome/Monety Burns) mentality would be akin to Hogwarts being used as the model for future Irish Educational development. Yet this is what’s happening, along with some other weird anti-British agenda among Fianna Fail/Sinn Fein that “deh Brits have the nukes, not for us pure Gaels boyo!”.

The days of somebody getting a cough in Dundalk and blaming it on Selafield followed by some cheap electioneering pseudo-patriotic press release by Dermot Ahern or Dick Roache has to end.

We have no choice, it’s Nuclear Electricty or bye bye Irish economy. Wind Turbines are a pathetic joke when you look at what it costs taxpayer to destroy the countryside with them, compared to the actual “free” electricity they are alleged to produce, Wind Power is just a “feel good” scam. Biofuel on he other hand will be excellent for future road transport needs, but only nuclear power delivers the mega watt generational capabilities for a 21st century Ireland.

I often wonder (HOPE!) if there is a secret nuclear power commitee in the government looking into all this stuff and they are keeping it all on the QT till the election is over. I sincearly hope there is.

God help us if the Goverment really believe the pathetic Energy Paper they released a while back. Because Ireland is screwed if their “bit of an oul wind turbine here, and a dash of solar there and shure lads we’ll be grand so!” is all they have to offer this nation going forward. Coupled with the old reliable of the USA causing mayhem in Middle East will make up the difference…

Not only is Ireland’s current energy policy stupid, to the point of retardation, but on many levels it is immoral as well and reveals uncomfortable truths about what sort of nation we are. We are perfectly happy playing the moral high card when it comes to Nuclear power, but at the same time turn a blind eye to the human misery which the Anglo-American oil dogma inflicts on others around the world as we drive to work and heat our homes. In between all this, we put up the old wind turbine or solar panel to make us feel progessive and enviormentally minded.

A few weeks without the oil being delivered to the North Wall and people will be burning their Christy Moore and Moving Heart’s LPs as well as Duncan Stewarts “About the House” DVDs trying to stay warm and produce light. Talk about the “paradigm shift” we’ll be experiencing then.

But in all seriousness, Ireland really is living on the knife edge in terms of energy. It’s quiet frightening when you actually look at how vunerable we are. The only way out is Nuclear. It’s cheap, green and safe and it’s the only realistic option left.

Sorry for the rant but having been in communication with some foreign engineers and proper enviornmentalist (not the superficial D4 tree-huggers we have) in the last few weeks about this stuff, we really need to wake up in this country and stop coddding ourselves.

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