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There are two essential differences between incineration and off shore wind power

Firstly off shore wind farms are far enough away from anyone that the really valid only concern is the potential to disrupt avian life and seasonal bird migratory patterns. If sited in the correct location these effects can be minimised.

Secondly to suggest that incineration is a progressive process is plain wrong; yes it produces an amount of energy but this does not compare to the carbon footprint of all the materials incinerated that have to be transported long distances to replace what could have been reused or recylced.

The established solution to waste are a combination of the the three R’s; recylcing which needs more work, reuse which since the South Wharf debacle has taken a serious blow with no glass bottle producer left in the state and reduction which will take longer as most of the current generation will not reduce consumption of most things unless the price becomes punative.

Off shore wind farms are an ideal solution for the following reasons.

1. No-one lives close to them so they have limited local effects
2. They have a life cycle of 30-50 years and require limited maintenance as against gas or oil fired stations
3. They reduce imports beyond capital phase
4. Environmental there are no emmisions so reduce localised pollution
5. Carbon taxes they produce limited carbon thereby reducing exposure
6. Global warming reduced
7. Investment premium value given scarcity of utility investment opportunities

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